Dog Walk

Save the trouble of getting off work and having to leash up your pet to take them out for a walk. Call us and we will take care of it for you, kick off your shoes and relax while we take care of the rest of your pet duties.

This gives you a specialized service for dogs, keeping a personal experience with the walker. If need be, we charge up to $5 extra per dog, so all of the dog's friends can walk together. We have specialized prices for each 15 minute interval.

Here is a list of the prices for dog walking:

  • 30 min - $25
  • 45 min - $35
  • 1 hour - $45

Pet will be evaluated by determination of health and size. The length of time will be discussed with the owner. A pet's health is the most important part of his/her life.

We also include exercise, jogging, water, and play time to give your dog the maximum experience. For more information on all of our services and location information, contact Alma's Pet Walking Service today!

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